Farming in the Watershed: A Community Conversation

The first forum for Partners for Healthy Watersheds was hosted on April 3, 2017. A panelist of experts discussed practices taking place to help protect the watershed. The event took place at the Ward O’Hara Agricultural Museum and was open to the public.

A Community Conversation: Farming in the Watershed — Manure Storage, Treatment and Land Application on Large Dairy Farms

The Partners for Healthy Watersheds hosted a forum at the Ward O’Hara Agricultural Museum on the night of April 25, 2017. The event was open to the public. Three farmer panelist discussed the current manure management practices on their dairy farms, as well as answering questions form the audience.


What You Need to Know: Harmful Algal Blooms

Hosted at the Cayuga Community College, this event featured SUNY ESF professor, Dr. Greg Boyer. This discussion was a unique opportunity to learn and ask questions about blooms from an expert who has 40 years of experience studying cyanobacteria, the organisms that generate harmful algal blooms.


Farming in the Watershed: Tile Drainage and Farm Field Practices

Featuring Agronomist, Eric Young from the Miner Institute, this event discussed farm tiles and field drainage. Hosted at Cayuga Community College, the event lead to discussion on research findings about installing drainage and the challenges and opportunities from this practice.

Understanding Harmful Algal Blooms: Where do we go from here?

Dr. Gregory Boyer from SUNY ESF discussed factors of last year’s ‘explosion’ of harmful algal blooms on the Finger Lakes along with how blooms occur. The event was hosted at Cayuga Community College and ended with discussions between those present and Dr. Boyer.